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Welcome to the professional domain of Nicolas Rodrigo Enriquez— a respected Independent Strategy Consultant dedicated to providing strategic guidance and consultancy services to fast-growing businesses and high net worth individuals.


Nicolas brings over 30 years of experience in strategic planning, project management, and client relationship excellence, with significant tenures at leading global firms. Since transitioning to independent consulting in 2012, Nicolas has focused his expertise on providing nuanced solutions to fast-growing businesses.


Nicolas’ approach is characterized by innovation, analytical thinking, and unwavering client-centric values. Ensuring every engagement is met with an effective and personalized approach, he meticulously crafts strategies that address the particular goals and requirements of each client.

Nicolas Rodrigo Enriquez Consulting embodies a simple yet powerful mission: to empower businesses to thrive in dynamic markets. Through strategic insights, operational enhancements, and a commitment to excellence, Nicolas aims to be a trusted partner on clients’ journeys to success.


Nicolas Rodrigo Enriquez has a proven track record of assisting diverse clients in achieving strategic objectives. The following case studies highlight his expertise in providing customized solutions for complex challenges, demonstrating his ability to drive significant results across multiple industries.

Project 1: Innovation Boost for a Fintech Startup in Barcelona, Spain

Client: A dynamic technology startup in Barcelona, Spain

Industry: Technology

In collaboration with a forward-thinking tech startup in Barcelona, Nicolas played a pivotal role in advancing innovation and market expansion. Working intimately with the startup’s leadership, Nicolas refined their product strategy. His approach involved an in-depth market analysis and the establishment of strategic partnerships. The result was the launch of an innovative feature set, leading to a 30% uplift in user engagement and the startup’s successful foray into new European markets.

Project 2: Renewable Energy - United Kingdom

Client: A UK-based collective promoting sustainable agriculture practices

Industry: Impact Investing

Engaging with a UK-based collective focused on renewable energy, Nicolas was instrumental in driving significant, impactful change. He undertook a thorough examination of local renewable energy initiatives, formulating a plan that was both impactful and aligned with the collective’s goals. Nicolas’ strategy involved the strategic allocation of resources towards supporting sustainable practices. His involvement not only adhered to the collective’s mission but also yielded positive environmental and social outcomes, demonstrating the effectiveness of targeted, strategic resource deployment in impact investing.

Project 3: Financial Services Transformation - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Client: A boutique wealth management firm in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Industry: Finance

In Buenos Aires, Nicolas led a transformative project for a boutique wealth management firm, aiming to enhance both operational efficiency and the client experience. Through a detailed strategic analysis and restructuring plan, Nicolas was able to streamline the firm’s workflows, achieving a 15% reduction in operational costs. Additionally, the introduction of personalized digital services under his guidance significantly improved client satisfaction levels. These changes not only bolstered client relations but also solidified the firm’s competitive stance in the local financial market, showcasing the benefits of strategic operational enhancements and client-focused innovations in financial services.

Project 4: Decarbonization in Latin America: A Business Imperative

In partnership with: Deloitte

Industry: Mining

In a pivotal initiative to redefine sustainability and environmental stewardship in the mining sector, Latin America’s ESG Decarbonization Top Latam Mining Agenda stands as beacon of progressive change. At its core, this project addresses the pressing need to integrate Environmental, Social and Governance principles within the mining industry, a sector historically challenged by environmental concerns. The program focused on implementing innovative strategies to significantly reduce carbon footprints across major mining operations in Latin America, promoting renewable energy use, and advocating for more sustainable mining practices. The project’s scope extended to enhancing community engagement and ensuring better compliance with international environmental standards, setting a new benchmark for responsible mining.

Nicolas’s expertise in strategic planning and sustainability initiatives provided valuable direction, shaping critical aspects of the project while maintaining a commitment to the overarching goals of environmental responsibility and sustainable development.

Project 5: Canalside Apartments at King's Cross

In partnership with: Gardiner & Theobald

Industry: Real Estate

Set in the vibrant heart of King’s Cross, the Canalside Apartments project represents a landmark development in urban living. This prestigious project reimagined a prime location into a haven of contemporary luxury and eco-friendly design. Canalside Apartments boasts an array of elegant, modern living spaces that emphasize sustainability and harmonious living with the surrounding urban landscape. The development seamlessly integrates state-of-the-art amenities with environmentally conscious features, such as energy efficient systems and green spaces, aligning with the broader vision of sustainable urban development. The project transformed the architectural landscape and significantly contributed to revitalizing the King’s Cross area, making it a coveted destination for residents and visitors alike. Nicolas played a pivotal role in the Canalside Apartments project by utilizing his keen understanding of the intricate balance between modern living and environmental stewardship, providing invaluable insights and visionary planning for sustainable urban developments.



Nicolas Rodrigo Enriquez boasts an impressive track record of achieving positive outcomes for clients across a variety of sectors and geographies. These testimonials, shared by professionals across diverse industries, offer a glimpse into the practical impact of Nicolas’ consultancy.

Operations LeadBoutique Consulting Firm
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"Nicolas' expertise in strategic management is just what we needed. His tailored advice on client management and business development has been invaluable. We've seen a noticeable improvement in client satisfaction and business growth since implementing his strategies."
Product Development LeadEmerging Tech Enterprise
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"Collaborating with Nicolas brought a new dimension to our product strategy. His innovative approach and keen market insights were pivotal in the successful launch of our new product line, setting us apart in a highly competitive industry."
Investor Relations LeadMultinational Corporation
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"Nicolas’ nuanced understanding of investor relations has been invaluable. His strategies in shareholder engagement and communication have strengthened our investor relationships, enhancing both transparency and trust."
Senior Project ManagerRenewable Energy Firm
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"Working with Nicolas was a game-changer for us. He got right to the heart of our operational challenges and his strategies were spot-on. We saw a real turnaround in project efficiency and team dynamics. His expertise in renewable energy strategy is just outstanding."
Chief Information OfficerEducation Technology Start-up
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"Nicolas’ guidance in our tech strategy was a major factor in our growth. He has a knack for identifying trends that are just about to take off. We've implemented several of his suggestions, and they've been a hit with our user base."


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